Sayville Professional Building, 285 West Main Street, Suite 101, Sayville, NY 11782
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Dr. Fiorenti's Orthodontics

We had a wonderful experience. Thank you!

Matthew S

Great experience. My daughters looked forward to going and had a lot of fun while there. Everybody was extremely nice.

- Jamie M

Everyone in this office is very friendly and helpful. Dr. Fiorenti is very personable with the kids and makes them feel very comfortable.

- Anonymous

I'm always so nervous when I go to my pediatric dentist, but Dr.Fiorenti and the staff helped me conquer my fear!! I'm not as stressed at the dentist!! Everyone in the office was so gentle when they put on my braces!! I can't wait to see my smile when my braces come off... But I still have a while to go until they get taken off!! Thank you for making my orthodontist experience fun and exciting for me!!

- Alexa N.

Dr. Fiorenti did a great job with all three of my children.

- John M

Thank You so much Dr. Fiorenti for my beautiful smile. You and your staff made it so much fun to go to my appts. I'm looking forward to my next retainer check.

- Anonymous

It used to be that most people who went for orthodontics were teens and young adults. However, as the new 60 is between 40 and 50 and so on, many of us are not inclined to give up our teeth as was true of many of our parents. Years ago when things went awry people just had their teeth pulled without trying to fix the problem first.

Several years ago my teeth began to shift due to grinding at night. It was apparent that I either could continue to see my teeth separate or get braces. At first I was skeptical, however I saw no other alternative as I was determined to keep my own teeth.

I was referred to Dr. Fiorenti for a consultation. There was no pressure, only the facts! I felt that I was in good hands and decided that it was "a go!"

I found Dr. Fiorenti to be very professional and his office to be relaxed yet of the utmost caliber for my orthodontic needs. I also found him to be attentive to any concerns I may have.

I would be remiss not to mention his wonderful staff. When I recommend a doctor...his staff must offer quality to the practice. His staff is warm, friendly, and for my taste has a sense of humor. It is always refreshing to see a smile and share a chuckle.

I highly recommend Dr. Fiorenti and his team of highly skilled professionals!

- Deb D

Dr. Fiorenti's Office is so much fun to go to. I am still in treatment and I look forward to my visits every time.

- Cara M.

Thank you for getting my braces off in time for my sweet 16 - Everyone just loved my new smile.

- Holly F

To Dr. Fiorenti & staff:
Brittney is away at college. For now, please remove Brittney from your current patent list.
Thank you all, for the care you’ve given Brittney over the years. You’ve all been very kind and professional. I would highly recommend your office to anyone who asked.

- Gina Wittmer