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The image shows a blue dental mold next to a yellow dental model, both of which are commonly used in dental offices for creating customized dental appliances.

Custom Mouth Guards

Tefkit Custom Night Guards and Sports Mouth Guards

There are plenty of ways in which people can protect their teeth. Plaque and other cavity-causing agents are the most notorious for causing dental harm, but damage and injury should be prevented where it can be as well. This is where night guards or sports mouth guards can come in handy. There is a different between the two, but whether you need one or the other, these mouth guards can help protect teeth from damage and injury.

Night guards are usually worn while asleep. They are most commonly prescribed for people who grind their teeth while they sleep. Teeth grinding is extremely detrimental to the structure and integrity of teeth. Grinding over time can lead to damage, it can wear down and weaken teeth, and it can also cause other side effects like pain and stiffness in the face and jaw as well as the surrounding muscles, it can disrupt sleep, and it can also cause earaches and headaches as well. Night guards may not prevent the clamping of the jaw, which occurs subconsciously, but it can help prevent the effect that grinding has on your dental structure and lessen the other listed side effects as well.

Night guards may also help people with sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a condition where the air pathways are blocked while in the sleeping position, disrupting breathing patterns and sleep. Some mouth guards or other oral appliances can be used to keep the air pathways of the nose and mouth open in a certain way so that proper breathing is possible.

Sports mouth guards are pretty self-explanatory. When playing sports or being generally active, the risk for injury or collision is always present. If your face comes into contact with something or someone with great force, it can knock out teeth, damage teeth and cause other problems. Custom Tekfit sports guards can help prevent the damage sustained during such injuries if they occur, and they can be made to fit so that they rest securely no matter how much physical activity is going on.